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Tuesday  is an important day for parents and kids alike ….. back to school !  It’s also time for tryouts again…..

Collingwood Minor Hockey tryouts start Tuesday, as well as most centers.  Check the links on the left side of the page for your centers schedule.

Also local schools like CCI and SCI will be starting their football and other programs.  If you haven’t checked out their sports programs, check

the links on the left side for schedules etc….there are some great young athletes to go watch.

The Junior hockey tryouts are well on the way.  The Stayner Siskins, Midland Flyers and Penatang Kings are into their pre season schedules.  There hasn’t been much reported on how each looks so far, but this weekends tournament in Alliston should give an idea who will be top Jr C team in this area.  We’ll have a Jr C report out soon.

There is also a lot of other sporting activities in the Collingwood area that you should check out for the kids.  Cheerleading is becoming very popular, figure skating,  the Trailblazers basketball program, cross-country skiing and obviously all the mountain sports like downhill and snowboarding.

Back to school, back to hockey…ahhhhhhhh life is good.

The Hockey Geek


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