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Finally the Town of Collingwood has released its survey results with regards to the Central Park redevelopment project.  As we detailed in our previous post, the steering committee for the project was tasked with getting the public’s input. 

With a whopping 219 responses, 177 from Collingwood….that’s .08% of the population for all you nay sayers that think the committee isn’t getting a real feel for the community wishes.

Here’s what they found and our comments….

Q:  What would you recommend as being the priority for new or increased spending on recreation services or facilities?

Top Answers:

  1.  Indoor Pool
  2. Indoor Ice Rink
  3. Splashpad/waterplay
  4. Tennis Court
  5. Outdoor Ice Rink


Well we have the indoor YMCA pool and a phone call to them this morning confirms that none of their programming is sold out due lack of pool space and they have never had to close off open swims due to too many people .  We know the competitive swimmers want a “pro” facility so they can host meets etc…  Eddie Bush arena on the other hand is always fully booked and nowhere close meets the needs of minor hockey, figure skating, hockey schools and community teams ( we lost the Jr A team this year due mainly to lack of town resources)

Q:  Based on the concept of Central Park as a location what size of arena facility would you be in favor of based on need not cost?


One rink – 32%

Two rinks – 68%


If it’s not based on cost why not have 3, 4…hey lets go 5 rinks !  More the better we say, because there is NO COST !!!!!  Meaningless question.

Q:  Same question as above, except for pool….4 or 6 lanes ?

A:  6 lanes with 89% of the vote.

Comments:  they need to think bigger….we say 22 lanes !!!!  Because, he there is NO COST.  Another meaningless question.

Q:  How would you be willing to financially support a project in Central Park that provides a new arena and expanded pool uses?  Check all that apply.


Fundraising                                         19%

Donations                                           19%

Private/Public Partnerships         16%

Grants                                                  16%

Taxes                                                    12%

Selling of Public Assets                  10%

Private Enterprise                            7%


Now we’re rocking, because the reality is there IS A COST, and lets not live in fantasy land anymore.

Fundraising is a great way to raise money, we all know because we fundraise for our schools, soccer, hockey, swimming, cheerleading, youth groups, church groups, football, trips, rugby…etc, etc, etc…  So here’s a note….         EVERYONE IS FUNDRAISED TO DEATH, and I’m sure everyone that answered has good intentions of fundraising the reality is it wont happen.

Donations. NOT.

Partnerships and Private Enterprise.  Best idea there to offset costs.  Many communities across North America have built recreation centers in partnerships with business.

Grants.  Great, go get em Council !  Oh, whoops you had to send the last one back remember?  Read our earlier post on the Fischer Field fiasco.

Taxes and Sale of Public Assets.  Other than a tax increase this is the  primary way its going to be built.  We are in the process of reviewing all currently owned property of the town…but we are confident there is enough for a garage sale.


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