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Collingwood Minor Hockey President Chris Potts and Past President Anthony Griffiths appeared on the Rogers Cable TV show earlier this evening.  While we understand the show is mostly and info-commercial for CMHA, its unfortunate the host had little or no information on minor hockey or hockey in general it seems to ask any relevant questions.

When informed that teams sometimes travel to Elmvale to play, she pointedly asked “how do they get there ?”  She referred to hockey as “Canadas National Sport” several times, unfortunately it is lacrosse ( there was a Bill passed recognizing hockey as the “winter” national sport, but we’re not telling her that).  She refers to Eddie Bush Arena as the “best arena in Colllingwood”, well I guess technically that right as it is the ONLY one in town….unfortunately Leisure Services recently reported that IF an new facility is built Eddie Bush is too costly to update and repair and should have its ice removed.  

We could forgive Skelton a little if she wasn’t on the Leisure Services  Advisory Committee !  We think anyone involved in “advising” should have some clue to the activity they are advising on…..

As registration for minor hockey is closed were not sure what value the show had or what CMHA’s goal was in participating….a much more relevant and interesting discussion would have been on the needs of minor hockey for new facilities.  Rep players are at a huge developmental disadvantage with the lack of practice time, not near meeting Hockey Canada’s recommendations on practice to play ratios.  Or perhaps Skelton could have commented more on her advisory committees work towards a new arena.  Potts suggested we are “close” to getting one and “almost there”, but we don’t see anything to suggest that other than a poorly done survey and paying for a feasibility study by council without its own steering committees recommendations. .  In fact Potts went out of his way to skirt the issue when asked about the need for more ice, and instead profusely thanked Leisure Services for giving them what ice they had….it was almost like it was their job or something.

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