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The Montreal Canadians training camp Oct 3-5th may be closed to the public, but if you’re the right town staff member you can enjoy the action.   The Town confirmed with us that municipal staff organizing the event, arena staff and council members all have access to camp.

Earlier this week Thornbury had the NHL referee camp in town.  They held open practices and games for the public, brought the Stanley Cup to town and allowed photos and held an open house presentation at Town Hall.  That’s a town that puts the community first.

How hard would it have been to arrange an hour for minor hockey coaches to watch the Habs practice, organize an autograph session for minor hockey players,

have an open scrimmage for the public, etc..etc…etc….  Anything that would be of value to the community during their visit.

Instead, the town staffs put themselves first and foremost and include themselves in the event.  Does council really think Jacques Martin the head coach has any interest in meeting them for a “welcome” ?  Other than opening the front door in the morning and cleaning the ice every hour is there really any need for more than one staff member on duty? Organizing committee? What exactly did they organize?  The Habs wanted a closed door camp, they said ok….organizing done.

While many will say it’s just a hockey camp, don’t get too worked up…..we say if we can’t trust our town staff to put the community ahead of their own interests on the little things, how can we trust them on the big ones?  We also say that having complete disregard for the hockey community in Collingwood shows the arrogance of council and leisure services.


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