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Well we dont have junior hockey in Collingwood for the first time in over 50 yrs, but you can still catch some pretty good action in Jr C starting this Fri night.

The Stayner Siskins are on the road in Alliston to face the Hornets.  Stayner lost a heartbreaker in last years playoffs to Alliston to end their remarkable playoff run.  Alliston eventually won the Jr C Ontario Championship.  Ex NHL’r Sandy McArthy takes over in Alliston in his first head coach position, while Ed Grainger moves up from the assistant position in Stayner to take the helm.  It may take both guys a little while to get the feel of things running the show, especially in Stayner where they have a big player turnover.

Other local Jr clubs also get underway this weekend with Penatang and Midland hitting the ice.  Pentatang has a strong lineup, while Midland looks like it will struggle again.  Both these clubs have new head coaches as well, proving coaching is not something to look at for job security.

At the preseason tournament in Alliston last weekend we liked Penatang, with Stayner a close second and Alliston third…Midland didnt play.  We give the edge to Stayner in management under Richard Gauthier who will ensure his club gets better quickly if needed, then to Alliston who always has money around to buy players, then Penatang with a rookie GM thats under pressure to reduce the budget, and finally Midland who will struggle again with just trying to keep the team on the ice let alone win a few games…..and it probably wont help the HC Alistair that he sat the GM’s son in last years playoffs, look for him to be gone by mid October if they are struggling.

We’ll review the weekends results and look at final lineups for strengths and weaknesses early next week. 

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