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We commented in an earlier post that council jumped the gun by approving a feasibility study on the Central Park redevelopment project before they received their own steering committees recommendation report.

Enterprise Bulliten Editor Morgan Ian Adams commented that while Councilor Chadwick was the only dissenting vote on moving ahead with the study, he was incorrect in doing so because council had voted in an earlier session to go ahead with said study.

Adams comments;

“It was a recorded vote. If you follow the link, you will note Chadwick voted in favour of that recommendation (hence the term, ‘unanimous’).

Which either means he didn’t pay attention to what he voted for a two months ago, or he was purposely playing silly bugger — which, in the case of this project, a project a lot of people in town want to see move ahead and not get caught up in silly politics, is just a stupid tactic…”

What Adams fails to understand, as well as council, is that this is not a group dictatorship…council exists to serve the best interest and needs of our community.

The steering committee has been tasked with presenting options available based on the needs of the community, among other things.  We have not seen any significant attempt to address the community needs in making recommendations for this project.  They have not met with major user groups, they have not met with other communities with similar situations, they have not consulted the public in any meaningful way (their survey had a .08% response).

 It’s exactly this problem that caused the Fischer Fields fiasco a few years back when council members ran amuck with what THEY wanted to see in the project, not what the public was asking for.
Former Leisure Services Director Peter Dunbar seems to remember this well, and as he heads up the Wasaga Beach planning committee he is making sure the needs of the community are first in his approach.
Mr. Adams believes its “silly politics” for Councilor Chadwick to attempt to make sure the procedure they set out is followed.  The only thing silly, and sad, is that council seems intent on barreling down the same road that ended in a dead-end last time….without the public needs as the foundation of their decision making personal agendas and opinions of individual councilors could be the death of the project….again.
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