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Just because Collingwood no longer has junior hockey ( look for an article later in the week to find out why), doesn’t mean we wont keep track of who’s doing what in the OJHL.  Here’s what our crack staff thinks….


  1. Newmarket – money to burn if they want, and they will
  2. Stoufville – does nice job every year
  1. Orangeville – not the player pool they were used to in Toronto to choose from
  2. Markham – new owner, new GM, new coach
  3. Huntsville – prob last year in league
  4. Aurora – too many problems, not enough talent


  1. Oakville – top budget team in league with huge player pool
  2. Burlington – worst arena in league, but lots local talent
  3. Buffalo – rebuilding fast, but where is the GM’s kid ?
  4. Hamilton – terrible arena, owner has two kids playing so it’s just a hobby
  5. Georgetown – prob last year in league so wont waste the money
  6. Brampton – terrible arena, terrible management.
  7. Milton – just can’t get it right year after year


  1. Trenton – owners kids last year, will outspend everyone to win it them most likely fold
  2. Wellington – always a favorite, great management in a small town
  3. Whitby – impressive run last year
  4. Lindsay – needs a good showing this year or will lose fans
  5. Coburg revitalization of hockey in town will make them competitive
  6. Peterborough – tough go with Petes in town, poor fan base
  7. Kingston – goes from the top spending team in league to one of the least


  1. St. Mikes – great start to season
  2. Lakeshore – overrated from last year, but weak division
  3. Vaughan – lost too many players and didn’t add near enough
  4. Mississauga – lucky to be in such weak division
  5. Pickering – need to pack it up after this year
  6. Junior Canadians – ditto
  7. North York – double ditto

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