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While Collingwood and Wasaga Beach minor hockey players have been through tryouts and are kicking off their seasons this week, Stayner Minor Hockey Association players are still wearing roller blades and the Jr C Siskins are begging for ice time from surrounding communities.

We wonder why Stayner council year after year refuses to put the ice into the community center at a reasonable time of year to support SMHA and the Siskins.  SMHA used to have ice

booked in Collingwood, which keeps ice in all year, but the board inexplicably gave it up a few years ago.  We’re sure they regret that terrible decision because now its not available.  When the kids do get on the ice, they will be weeks if not months behind their competitors in training and conditioning.

The Jr C Siskins season started last week, so they’ve had to beg, borrow and steal ice from other communities to hold tryouts and training camps, and start their season on the road until the arena is ready.  Stayner council would do well to see what happened in Collingwood when their council started removing support of the junior hockey program.

While the Siskins have been competitive under the current GM, they’ve struggled terribly in the past.  It was only a few years ago they posted the worst season in team history.  Wouldn’t it make sense for the team to relocate to Collinwood where they have ice availability and a proven fan base to work with?  But we do digress…..

Stayner council needs to address it’s support of hockey in the community just as much as Collingwood does, just in different areas.  It’s becoming more difficult to keep the “Canadian” in “hockey” as our “national sport” as Penny Skelton would probably say…..

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