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We see a lot of stupid things in the sporting world, but can anything be more disgusting and abusive than the display of two children cage fighting without head protection this past week?

Club promoters from Greenland Labour Club in Preston, England held an MMA style cage match between two eight year old boys in front of a roaring crowd .  There is so much blame to go around here it’s hard to start, but let’s try.

The Club itself should be ashamed.  Trying to put my personal feelings on this type of fighting as a “sport” aside, the club owners should be responsible enough and have enough respect for the “sport” to hold a demonstration such as this behind closed doors with proper protective headgear.  These children have been exposed and subject to criticism and controversy underserving of any minor.  If they truly believe they are “teaching a sport” do it in privacy and when the children are old enough to know right from wrong and understand social responsibility, they can choose for themselves if they want to become laughing spectacles.

The parents should be locked up.  This is simply child abuse.  It’s a ridiculous comment that the kids love the “sport”, what they love is mom and dad being happy at their participation in it.  They commented that “would people rather see them out in the streets with guns and knives?”  If they really believe that is the only alternative to cage fighting, they should be locked up in their trailer.  How about we suggest they go to a library?

Those involved tried to justify the fight that featured scantily clad women parading around the cage between rounds, by saying that punching and kicking were not permitted and that this was grappling not cage fighting therefore its completely safe and harmless.  These boys were locked into a cage without head protection and cheered on by 250 plus alcohol fueled fans, parents and organizers to inflict harm onto one another.  Just watch the one boy crying in his corner.   These barbaric actions are neither safe nor harmless.

Events like cage fighting are an interesting reflection of our societal values today.  I know a gentleman who thinks hitting in hockey is out of control and language in dressing rooms is completely uncalled for….yet he thinks nothing of driving to Montreal to watch grown men beat each other into submission in almost any manner possible in MMA.  It’s almost like he considers MMA the same as a rooster fight or a dog fight, where hockey is a civilized activity for gentleman.

There is no question violence has been part of sport for a long time, but violence is a byproduct or secondary aspect of any real sporting activity.  With activities like MMA violence is the objective, and that’s the difference.  Watching an MMA event is liking watching a car accident, there is no redeeming value to seeing it but for some reason people can’t look away.

To the parents of those 8 yr olds we can only hope they get them involved in a sport where they can learn positive social attributes such as teamwork, leadership and sportsmanship….things that will serve them well in adulthood as productive members of our society.  Because it’s not likely the Kimura submission hold will have any value in a job interview or application to law school.

The Kimura is a submission hold commonly seen in mixed martial arts fights. This submission effects mainly the shoulder joint, but also to a lesser extent the elbow joint. When applied, this joint lock hyperrotates the shoulder causing intense pain and the tap out.


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