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Seems Leisure Services is at it again with its obsession with outdoor rinks.

We assume as the current outdoor ( and uncovered for those who were wondering) rink is a huge money loser for the town and that there is a desperate need for a multi use facility….this project is something to show us that there is something going on in that office.

Two locations have been chosen…….

Mair Mills Park and Kinsmen Park.   New frost-free hydrants will have to be installed at each location for the pilot project at a cost of $10k, with an additional 2k in supplies etc….

The most ingenious part is that the plan is to train 5 volunteers for each location to do daily maintenance and repairs.  We all know how fun it is to shovel off a rink first thing in the morning in the middle of a snowstorm.  Hockey and “Ice Skating” will not be permitted at the same time on the rinks say town officials.

While we appreciate the towns attempt to address the lack of ice time, what they are basically doing is building outdoor ice rinks for these two special and important neighborhoods and saying good luck, hope you have fun.  If they were serious they would build and service them properly OR they could simply let neighborhoods get together and offer $6000 grants to those who wish to build outdoor rinks for their areas.

Gotta go,  heading down to Play it Again to see what the difference is between hockey skates and “Ice Skating” skates….

Mr. Two Cents


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