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We’ve commented a few times about what we thought were some issues within the CMHA, and its seems we were correct.  It’s been brought to our attention that President Chris Potts and fellow board member Gary Lisi have quit CMHA.  Several board member had quit earlier in the year.

We have received many emails with what seems several ongoing issues within the CMHA that may have caused these resignations.

Many have emailed us criticizing our comments on board members, and that we should be more supportive as these people have “stepped up”.

While we appreciate any person that gives their time to an organization…whether it be minor hockey, a charity or even town council….we firmly believe that there is  more to it than just “stepping up”.  When an individual accepts a position of responsiblity, he or she is accountable for their decisions and actions to the people who put them there.  This is not too much to ask and in fact should be demanded.  Only when leaders make decisions NOT in the best interests of the group should they be worried or offended about defending their decisions.

So while we don’t know much about CMHA or its politics or its board members specifically we do believe that if just “stepping up” is the standard a group wants for its leadership, there are big problems.  In CMHA’s situation lets hope there are enough people around that can get involved for the benefit of the kids.

Now if Collingwood council can learn the same lesson……



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