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Rookie NHL Senior Vice President of Player Safety Brendan Shanahan blew an opportunity by not suspending Senators Chris Neil on his blindsided hit of Mikhail Grabovski in their recent pre season game……..

Shanahan came out of the gate guns a blazing as the self-proclaimed new sherif in town.  He wasnt going to take any crap, and he couldn’t be influenced.  Watch out you dirty, classless players….disrespect for your fellow warriors will not go unpunished.  Life, liberty and freedom for……….well you get the idea.

Now just a few weeks into preseason it seems he’s either softened his stance on things or someone’s told him to cool his sherif six guns, because the hit on Grabovski is exactly what the Board of Governors were targeting at their June 25th meetings.

Now the referees didn’t help matters by not making any call on the play, it was interference at the least…..

The new rules are very specific

“This means the player who is delivering the body check must make sure the recipient isn’t in a defenceless position.  If the player is, then the attacker must avoid the collision or minimize his contact. It’ll be up to the referees to decide if the contact was unavoidable”

After watching the hit and then reading the definition of the rule, it’s a little hard to justify Shanahans decision.  Grabovski is clearly in a defenceless position, Neil made no attempt to avoid the collision and in fact stepped into him after looking at him cutting across, and the hit was directed at the upper portion of the body….in the area close or at the head.  Not only was this collision avoidable, he had to go out of his way to initiate it.

So….expect more of the same this year in the NHL’s good all boys club.  It seems Mr. Crosby isn’t as valuable to the league as they project to the public….then again it wasn’t long ago we saw all this before, just ask Mr. Lindros.

Mr. Bleed the Blue and White


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