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Morgan Ian Adams recently commented on his run in with the parking by law officials of Collingwood, check out for his thoughts.

We as well have felt the wrath of these walking crusaders for justice.  Just the other week I popped into the drug store on Hurontario and was dinged with a ticket.  I wasnt in there for more than five minutes and there were open parking spots all over the place.  Where do these Houdini like creatures train?  Have they no compassion?  I believe this isn’t just a job for them, it’s a calling…like Superman or WonderWoman had.

Well last night the solution came to me faster than Clarke could get in and out of a phone booth.

I say we fund our own Cape Crusader through the local businesses to bring the system to a screeching halt.  Every store on Hurnontario throws in $5 a week, after all its their customers who are getting hit up with the tickets and driving business to places with free parking.  I for example will now go to Wal-Mart pharmacy, instead of Shoppers.

So say there is 40 stores contributing that’s $200 a week.  Our Crusader spends his or her days thwarting the parking Nazis by topping up meters when needed.  Say there are 20 meters a day that need a little boost of  fifty cents to avoid the $15 or $20 fine, that’s $10 a day ….$50 a week… our Crusader pockets $150 to ensure the city is safe from ticket tyranny.

All joking aside, with business struggling in this economy is it really in the best interest of the town to be targeting customers ?  I know it’s a big revenue source now for them, but it doesn’t make it the right thing to do.  And the seemingly enthusiasm the town puts into it is somewhat questionable….you dont see one parking official occasionally making the rounds, there is a constant unwavering attack by what seems teams of them.

The point behind ticketing should be to make customers aware that others also need to get into the stores and you can’t take a space all day, not as revenue source for the town and as job creation for new bylaw officers.


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