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The Stayner Siskins finally had their Jr C home opener last night, hosting last year’s Ontario Champions the Alliston Hornets to a poorly attended game of about 150. You’ll recall from our previous post that Stayner had to cancel last Sunday’s game because the town didn’t have the ice in the arena.

Alliston eventually won this game in a shootout 5-4, and we use the word “game” questionably……

Alliston continued their undisciplined and unstructured play that we talked about last week, under rookie Coach Sandy McCarthy. We don’t have the final numbers, but they were in the box all night on cheap stick infractions and retaliation penalties. Not to be outdone, Stayner tried to keep their side of the sin bin filled with similarly stupid testosterone based crimes of the ice. The refereeing wasn’t great, but can’t be faulted for making this a hard game to watch.

Alliston quite simply has no structure to their game, its more of a scrimmage than a game coming from them. On paper they have some serious talent, on the ice not so much. Their forecheck is soft and lazy, three forwards constantly getting caught up against the break. Their breakout is more like Pee Wee hockey with forwards flying the zone early and the center rarely getting involved….often resulting in turnovers and bad passes. The worst thing is their vets are just not putting the effort in, players like Cox, Campeau, Montpetit, Duthie and Parker should be the leaders of this team and set an example. Unfortunatley its kids like Leblanc, Arcan, O’Donnell, Stephenson and Nicol who are by far putting in the best efforts….but they’re not being rewarded for it with play time.

Right off the bat we’re going to apologize to Stayners Cody Brown for in an earlier post saying the Pentatang King’s Jacob Robitaille might be the best player in the league this year. Brown didn’t have a great game last night, but was by far the best player on the ice showing flashes of speed and skill that have us wondering why he doesn’t bother trying out for Jr A.

For Stayner it was Brown, Papineau, DeRose and occasionaly Perencz showing enough jump to keep them in the game. Much as Alliston, the Siskins vets just didn’t show like they were willing to compete, yet like Alliston players they kept getting their ice. Happenny, Moniz, MacDonald and Gerow put in a halfhearted effort from our view. Rookie Dylan Bursey looked good at times but didn’t get enough play to tell for sure and first year player Connor Watt who was a decent Jr A forward the past two years was inexplicably playing defence. He looks like he would be a top 6 forward easily on this team, but just cant play the back end.

Both powerplays were indicative of these two teams lack of structure, the Siskins going 1-16 and Alliston 0-12.

The goaltending at both ends was good, with Stayners Taylor Trace getting beat on one bad one in the game and Allistons Donald Oldrieve keeping them in the game in the third when penalties looked to do them in.

The most interesting thing on the night might have been Stayners GM Richard Gauthier finding his way on to the bench along with AGM and former Schomberg Cougar coach Reiner Pleschberger. We’ve commented that coaching was a question mark for Stayner and Gauthier was clearly running things last night. It’s never a good thing to see a GM step on the bench at any level, it undermines authority and to have both the GM and AGM do it cant make rookie coach Ed Garinger happy. Keep an eye on this.

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