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Who messed up the design of the new Central Park Arena ?

According to Sprung officials, the builder of the facility, it certainly wasn’t them.  They were specific in their response that town officials choose not to follow the Sprung interior layout and went with their own plans !

A quick look at the Sprung arena layout for a single pad ice is below:


At question is the exit from the ice surface and the location of the dressing rooms.  As clearly seen the professional design calls for two separate exits from the ice surface to separated dressing room areas.  For those in the hockey world, the reason is obvious; to reduce the interaction and potential violence between players leaving and entering the ice.

Our state of the art Central Park facility though has one ice exit leading to dressing rooms all in very close proximity.

Imagine two teenage players being ejected for fighting in a highly aggressive playoff game…then being sent out to the same area unattended?  What does common sense tell us is going to happen?  You got it…..round two of the fight !  How about 40 testosterone filled teenagers all sitting within earshot of each other after a game?  Yikes….

When questioned about design a Hockey Canada representative said rooms should absolutely be properly separated in the arena design.  An expert from Ice Rink Solutions, a leading consultant in arena design and building, said “there definitely should be separate ice exits for each team” when posed the design question.

We did a quick survey of arenas throughout Ontario and could not find any new facilities sharing  this odd design.  We did find a few older arenas, but none of these hosted competitive hockey or were multi use facilities.

So the question is who in the towns recreational facility department approved or changed the professional design Sprung and almost every other consultant uses in their projects?  And why…. other than saving a few thousand in plumbing and electrical costs on a multi-million dollar project ?

My guess is someone in the town wanted to have their thumbprint on this project that didn’t have the expertise or foresight to future use.

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