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MPMP is a performance measurement and reporting system that promotes local government transparency and accountability. It also provides municipalities with useful data to make informed municipal service level decisions while optimizing available resources.

We’ve been provided with some very interesting information with regards to Collingwood’s performance against its peers based on the 2011 survey results.  While we constantly here about the costs to operate programs and facilities in Collingwood, the measure of efficiency is the true indicator of how we are doing with what we have.

Keep in mind this is BEFORE the new library and Central Park arena projects, which will decrease performance numbers even further with regards to efficiency.

Category                                    Cost per person             Median                  Difference 


Indoor Recreation Facilities          75.36                        52.60                        22.76 more

Parks, Programs, Facilities           253.79                       100.46                     153.33 more

Library Services                            68.48                          35.79                         32.69 more

Library Service per use                  2.96                           1.19                         1.77 more




Library Uses per person                                23                      30                   7 less

Indoor Recreational Sq ft (per 1000)          2931                   4884               1953



  • We pay almost $23 more per person for 40 % less indoor recreational space…YET WE BUILD ANOTHER ONE ANYWAYS
  • We pay well more than double for our parks, programs and facilities than average
  • We pay almost double for library services than average comparable town, we pay more than double for our per visit costs to the library and we have 40% less use of the library…the old library…YET WE BUILT A NEW ONE ANYWAYS !

This information is shockingly embarrassing for the Parks and Recreation Dept and Library people at the town level.  Both programs are completely inefficient compared to similar communities in Ontario and yet projects like the new library and Central arena are pushed ahead with no consideration for how well they are being operated.


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