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High School Athletics…Are They Safe and Properly Run?

             Do our high school students get the best coaching and instruction when it comes to athletics, or just whoever is available to do it? Not only from an educational perspective, but from a medical perspective, schools need to take notice of their programming.

Back in the good ole days, you know when we had dinosaurs, to coach high school athletics you must have been a registered teacher at the school.  Now schools allow any qualified person to coach, but a staff member must be included on the team.  So the question must be asked….with all the qualified and experienced athletes in our community, why are the majority of teams being coached, and fitness programs being taught, by staff with little experience or qualifications?

Take a highly technical and injury laden activity like Crossfit for example.  Crossfit has become an excessive fad over the past few years, but its foundation is on age old training methodologies.  It’s a curious combination of semi-personal training, army-like workouts and cult-like cleeky membership groups.  Those that buy into it are like Apple product fans on steroids, they will not accept anything that contradicts their mostly blind beliefs in the product.

Obviously don’t take my word for it, go to for the experts opinion.

Much like football, hockey, rugby and other contact sports almost all medical bodies and public health organizations share the conclusion that these sports and activities are dangerous not only to adults, but to youth in various stages of physical development can cause lifelong physical and mental issues.

The Canadian Medical Association and the American Medical Association have both declared that injuries attributed to contact sports are not acceptable and need immediate regulation from a medical perspective.  

Can you imagine parents encouraging their kids to smoke,  knowing full well they will be affecting their future health to some degree,  because one day they might be an actor in smoking commercial and be rich and famous?  Ridiculous.

School administrators need to expand their thoughts on athletic programming in the best interest of the kids participating.  With few exceptions, teachers are well meaning individuals that want to participate in something outside of the classroom.  But this is not the standard schools should be setting for the health and well-being of our children…they should be setting the highest standard possible.  They do in hiring teachers for their subject expertise.  Imagine if an ex professional hockey player took over the JV hockey team and they let him teach chemistry on the side, not because he was properly trained….but just because he was available.  Ridiculous.

Our community offers access to some of the best athletes in the world, schools need to reach out and utilize them.  Teachers that want to be involved in athletics need to be certified by professional organizations outside the teaching college.  Why are we afraid to demand the highest standards from those interacting with our children in a potentially dangerous environment?  Why shouldn’t we demand the best instruction available for our children in athletics like we do in the classroom?

Take a run though the CCI and JV coaching staff and you will see what I mean…….

Dr. Kinetics



Peter Dunbar who is leading the Wasaga Beach strategic plan for recreational services was on the Chats program this morning giving an update.  They seem to be moving strongly forward in getting public and department input into the future needs of the town.

Their survey response is at almost 3% and they continue to have public open house Read more of this post


Finally the Town of Collingwood has released its survey results with regards to the Central Park redevelopment project.  As we detailed in our previous post, the steering committee for the project was tasked with getting the public’s input. 

With a whopping 219 responses, 177 from Collingwood….that’s .08% of the population for all you nay sayers that think the committee isn’t getting a real feel for the community wishes.

Here’s what they found and our comments….

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What town Mayor was on the radio this morning explaining that the area definitely should be looking at pooling resources for a recreation complex out near the Collingwood airport ?

Apparantly Clearview, Wasaga Beach and Collingwood CAO’s and Mayors agreed a few years back to meet quarterly to discuss common issues and try and work together to be cost effective in such projects…..but the meetings never happened.  They’re going to try again.

Politics aside,  a multi use center shared by the communities would tremendously cost effective and provide the area with everything they need for years to come if planned properly.

But I’m sure Collingwood council and the Central Park Steering Committee have reviewed this possiblility and found good reason why it wouldnt work,let me just pull up the meeting minutes to find out………


Wasaga Beach has started to address their recreational needs by holding planning meetings for public input. Meetings will be at the Wasaga RecPlex this Sat 10am-12pm, and Sept 12th 7pm – 9pm. Leading the consulting team is Peter Dunbar.

Peter who? Rec meetings? Hmmmm this whole thing sounds familiar…..

Peter Dunbar is the former head of Collingwood Leisure Services until retirement a few years ago. Dunbar was instrumental in the start then collapse of the “Fischer Fields” project (more info was posted a few days ago on this). He was also the guy that wrote an official recommendation to the Ontario government for grant money on behalf of the Pretty River Academy

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