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Saunderson ….Sounds Like a Lot of Common Sense Being Spewed

Keep it Up !!

Unless you have or plan on directing some town contracts to a family or extended family members…what can possibly wrong with setting clear boundaries? Same as why you would be against expanding the definition of “family”. Its simple don’t get into town politics if its for family favors !!!!!

It speak volumes on which councilors are against transparency and professional process…. And which of our mayors ( 🙂 ) are conspicuously silent.



Town to Curling Club…Your Promise is Good Enough For Us

It was recently reported in the Collingwood Connection and the Enterprise Bulletin that the Collingwood Curling Club expansion has gone significantly overbudget.  Given the track record of building projects in this town, this is no surprise.

This raised a question by our crack staff of investigators on what the obligations the Town of Collingwood have financially to the overruns.  As always the answer is interesting.

The Town and Curling Club entered into an agreement to split the costs of the renovation back in 2014 at an estimated cost of 1 million dollars.  The Curling Club contracted to Shertine Construction to complete the project.  The project has had several delays and while final costs are not in, expected to be “significantly” over budget according to Town Treasurer Marjorie Leanord.

Hmmm, ok sounds about right.

We asked for a copy of the agreement between the Curling Club and Town to see where possible cost overruns, bidding process, obligations of parties, and other details of the partnership are set out.  What we received back as a “complete” agreement between the two parties is this

L04 CUR_Curling Club_Promissory Note for Renovations_Nov 17_2014 (1)

This is a Promissory Note.

A Promissory Note is a financial instrument that is legal binding.  It simply says …I’m lending you money, and you have to pay me back.  It is transferable and can be bought and sold.  It’s the same as  $5 bill.  It’s not intended to be anything more.

What the Town has done is attached some vague wording into the Promissory Note instead of executing an Agreement or Contract between themselves and the Curling Club.  Any lawyer will tell you this is a disaster waiting to happen, especially considering the money involved here.

In summary the Town has said …here is half of what you think you need, go out and hire a contractor of your choice and do the renovations.  If you spend too much money, don’t worry we’ll just kick in more.

As there is no formal agreement between the parties, the Curling Club can really do whatever they want without Town input or approval…and we (the taxpayers) are on the hook.

We are proponents of the Curling Club and its renovations, it was much needed and necessary and we would expect the Curling Club to regulate them professionally on the project…BUT, the Towns job is to act in the best interest of all the taxpayers and has an obligation to protect us and our interests in all its dealings.

Do they really need to be told not to enter into multi million dollar agreements without a formal Agreement?  C’mon guys, it’s really not that hard.


High School Athletics…Are They Safe and Properly Run?

             Do our high school students get the best coaching and instruction when it comes to athletics, or just whoever is available to do it? Not only from an educational perspective, but from a medical perspective, schools need to take notice of their programming.

Back in the good ole days, you know when we had dinosaurs, to coach high school athletics you must have been a registered teacher at the school.  Now schools allow any qualified person to coach, but a staff member must be included on the team.  So the question must be asked….with all the qualified and experienced athletes in our community, why are the majority of teams being coached, and fitness programs being taught, by staff with little experience or qualifications?

Take a highly technical and injury laden activity like Crossfit for example.  Crossfit has become an excessive fad over the past few years, but its foundation is on age old training methodologies.  It’s a curious combination of semi-personal training, army-like workouts and cult-like cleeky membership groups.  Those that buy into it are like Apple product fans on steroids, they will not accept anything that contradicts their mostly blind beliefs in the product.

Obviously don’t take my word for it, go to for the experts opinion.

Much like football, hockey, rugby and other contact sports almost all medical bodies and public health organizations share the conclusion that these sports and activities are dangerous not only to adults, but to youth in various stages of physical development can cause lifelong physical and mental issues.

The Canadian Medical Association and the American Medical Association have both declared that injuries attributed to contact sports are not acceptable and need immediate regulation from a medical perspective.  

Can you imagine parents encouraging their kids to smoke,  knowing full well they will be affecting their future health to some degree,  because one day they might be an actor in smoking commercial and be rich and famous?  Ridiculous.

School administrators need to expand their thoughts on athletic programming in the best interest of the kids participating.  With few exceptions, teachers are well meaning individuals that want to participate in something outside of the classroom.  But this is not the standard schools should be setting for the health and well-being of our children…they should be setting the highest standard possible.  They do in hiring teachers for their subject expertise.  Imagine if an ex professional hockey player took over the JV hockey team and they let him teach chemistry on the side, not because he was properly trained….but just because he was available.  Ridiculous.

Our community offers access to some of the best athletes in the world, schools need to reach out and utilize them.  Teachers that want to be involved in athletics need to be certified by professional organizations outside the teaching college.  Why are we afraid to demand the highest standards from those interacting with our children in a potentially dangerous environment?  Why shouldn’t we demand the best instruction available for our children in athletics like we do in the classroom?

Take a run though the CCI and JV coaching staff and you will see what I mean…….

Dr. Kinetics

I’m Back (insert crazy jack nicholson pic here)

My time away from our great town is over !  Looking forward to keeping everyone up to date with MY opinion on our sports scene (and the occasional comment on politics 🙂 )

Stay tuned and feel free to contact me anytime.


We haven’t mentioned much about Jr B hockey, but thought we should comment on the Owen Sound Greys Jr B club.

Last year the team had the least wins in the league with only 4 and barely drew attendance of 75 fans a night.  The club was returning off a hiatus with the OHA and promises were made this year would be better.  Unfortunately its more of the same with the team off to a 1-5 record, the worst goals against in the league and 2nd worst winning %. Read more of this post


In Jr C action last night the Penetang Kings defeated the Erin Shamrocks at home 5-3.

The first period was evenly matched with Penetang failing to convert on two powerplay opportunities.  Late in the period Pentetangs John Meeks floated a wrist shot from just inside the blue line that a partially screened Craig Rylett couldn’t handle and the home side took a 1-0 lead into the second. Read more of this post


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